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Hey~ I am a HUGE Hiccstrid, Jelsa, Hiro Hamada, Astrid, Elsa, Jack Frost, Hiccup, Disney, and DreamWorks fan!
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brr, what’s all this cold all the sudden?? It’s not winter yet!

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seeing your NOTP (that you hate) on your dash, but understanding that it’s their opinion and ur not a hater


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Astrid Hofferson Appreciation Post.

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Just for this moment
As long as you’re mine
I’ve lost all resistance
And crossed some borderline
And if it turns out
It’s over too fast 
I’ll make every last moment last
As long as you’re mine 
… … … … … … … … … … …
Say there’s no future
For us as a pair

And though I may know
I don’t care
Just for this moment
As long as you’re mine (x)

I really wanted to draw a Mermaid AU of this ship and another romantic scene /////// Elsa’s a mermaid here but you really can’t see the rest of her fins since they’re underwater. ALSO, I really think that song suits them perfectly. ;u; I chose those part of the lyrics for a reason.

BG/Setting inspired by (x) Step-by-step WIP (x)

"You might wanna duck."

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My favorite Anna and Elsa moments in which I think they look the most beautiful 

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Jack’s Magic (1/?)

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Jack Frost + Being adorable a puppy

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