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What if they were trying on glasses for fun? :3

And totally not in modern clothes because I got lazy haha

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Hiccstrid \( =^o^= )/

Inspired by the original post here: [x]

Now I really want a bottle of Coke…

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Dear mysexualityisastrid,
can you send me the link of the last 2 please? i really love the way you write :D

Well, the other two are Jelsa fics, but here they are:


Dear mysexualityisastrid,
Hey fuck Face

— Anonymous

~Send me a “hey fuck face” if I’m your tumblr crush~


Dear mysexualityisastrid,
Hey fuck face

~Send me a “hey fuck face” if I’m your tumblr crush~


WHY AM I STILL GETTING THESE??????????!!?!?!?!?!??


Dear mysexualityisastrid,
I secretly ship you with mysexualityisastrid (._.)




Which tumblr user do you ship me with?



HEY mysexualityisastrid i think there’s something happen….

I ship. (Do a collab to make canom ;D)

Maybe i’ll consider it, if she wants to tho’. Wow this thing escalated quickly……….

So this is what I’ve missed in my absence…

Dear mysexualityisastrid,
I just readed your ff,ITS AWESOME *-* I LOVE IT,you will continue it pls?*-*

Yes, I will continue it. :)

I just have to endure school for this week before I can post more drabbles and fic updates, but rest assured, I will be continuing Choosing A Princess, You’re My Snowflake, and The Cursed Cycle.

Dear mysexualityisastrid,
Good Luck with classes :D

Thank you so much! :D
//I need all the luck I can get, tbh… TT.TT//

Nothing’s right if you ain’t near, I give all that I have just to keep you near | Massive Attack - Live With Me

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